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Blue Medora Announces Open Access Of 50+ Log Source Integrations Through BindPlane


Blue Medora has announced general availability and open access of 50+ log source integrations through its BindPlane log streaming platform, for all Google’s Stackdriver customers.

The 50+ preconfigured log source integrations include Kubernetes, Amazon EKS and Azure AKS, along with support for key workloads including Windows applications, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Elasticsearch, Kafka, NGINX and more.

According to Blue Medora, Stackdriver and BindPlane together bring a hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud and on-premises view into a single dashboard, connecting health and performance signals from a wide variety of Google and non-Google Cloud Platform (GCP) sources. The managed log streaming capability simplifies extending Stackdriver’s observability to enterprise customer data centers and other public clouds. The addition of log source ingestion complements BindPlane’s existing metrics data pipelining capabilities.

They allow Stackdriver customers to unify event analysis, even when running multiple Kubernetes orchestrated services across Google Cloud, New Relic, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and private data centers. These capabilities also enable diagnosing production issues for application stacks running on Google Cloud VMs.

BindPlane currently supports as many as 150 operations data sources that support monitoring of non-GCP public cloud resources including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, and IBM Cloud. It also monitors critical workloads and databases on GCP (or data center) virtual machines and on-premises infrastructure.

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