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BMC Helps Customers Solve Edge Complexity | Ram Chakravarti


Guest: Ram Chakravarti
Company:BMC Software
Event: BMC Exchange Miami

In this episode of TFiR: Let’s Talk recorded at the BMC Exchange Miami, Swapnil Bhartiya sits down with Ram Chakravarti, CTO at BMC Software, to discuss the company’s strategy and innovative solutions to help organizations address the complexities of the hybrid IT landscape and edge computing.

Key highlights of this video interview:

  • BMC has been supporting customers for over 40 years, managing IT assets for the largest most complex organizations across industry sectors. It is known for its rich set of knowledge for IT Asset Management.
    The pandemic drove a mindset change and has pushed an innovation agenda for many. BMC aims to help customers adapt to the changes in the marketplace, so that they can evolve to meet new needs. Its BMC Innovation Lab helps to facilitate this by focusing on core and emerging tech.
  • BMC’s acquisition of Compuware complements its mainframe solutions in the IT operations space. Chakravarti says they are the only vendor that solves for the DevOps continuum.
  • By 2025, almost two-thirds of organizations will adopt a hybrid IT landscape, characterized by multiple public clouds, virtual private cloud, on-prem data centers, and in some cases, the mainframe.
  • BMC has spent the past 18 months investing in an IoT and edge computing solution called Helix IoT Edge. Chakravarti explains the three key components of edge computing (the edge computing stack, the edge business applications, edge management) and how Helix IoT Edge .
  • BMC’s edge management solution follows the full lifecycle process using open standards at the edge and integrates into the central compute to help minimize the complexity.
  • Chakravarti believes that the next evolution of customer experience, including the B2B space, lies in augmented reality and virtual reality technologies. He explains that BMC is working on three-dimensional view and immersive view dashboards. A couple of their emerging tech innovations were showcased at their booth.
  • DataOps is an enabler of success in data and analytics and is key to automation. BMC is working on two main areas: building on top of Control-M to increase its value proposition to the data community, and building a new set of products in the DataOps space.
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