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Bringing AWS S3 Compatible Object Storage To Your Own Cloud | AB Periasamy


MinIOS is a provider of open-source, high-performance, object storage software. The AWS S3 compatible object storage solution by MinIO can run anywhere customers want, enabling customers to build their own data infrastructure. In this special issue of Let’s Talk Kubernetes, for KubeCon NA 2021, we sat down with the CEO and Co-Founder of MinIO, AB Periasamy to talk about the company.

Here are some of the topics we covered.

  • Intro to the company
  • Understanding what exactly does MinIO offer
  • We discussed the scope and demand of object storage in the Kubernetes world considering the fact that Kubernetes is being used in so many places now, including at the edge.
  • What new challenges do these new use-cases bring to object storage and MinIO and how is MinIO tackling those challenges?
  • How different is object storage in cloud computing from let’s say traditional or legacy IT world?
  • Even the object storage space in the cloud native world is a crowded place so how does MinIO differentiate itself from the rest?
  • We also talked about KubeCon and what the company’s goal for the event was.

Guest: AB Periasamy (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: MinIO

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