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BTP Brings Its Blockchain Expertise To The Energy Sector | Duncan Johnston-Watt, Csilla Zsigri


The use of centralized technology and manual practices in the energy industry have proved to be inefficient, and are also prone to error and fraud. Blockchain Technology Partners (BTP), the enterprise blockchain company, believes that blockchain technology can be greatly beneficial to the energy industry. They joined LF Energy last year seeing that they could contribute to the debate and the discussion in this vertical.

“The best way of thinking about us as a company is we’re an enabler. Blockchain and associated technologies, smart contracts and also providing support for information security go together in our mind to create a platform on which you can then build and develop new and interesting applications,” says Duncan Johnston-Watt, CEO and Co-Founder at BTP, on this episode of State of Energy.

Key highlights from this video interview:

  • BTP set out to solve the challenge of deploying and managing blockchain infrastructure in the enterprise blockchain space. Johnston-Watt discusses the company’s progression during the four years since its inception and where the company’s key focus lies.
  • Johnston-Watt discusses the generic use case of provenance and how it applies to the energy industry. He explains how spreading the DLT out across the industry and the participants can be beneficial.
  • Johnston-Watt explains the scope of blockchain beyond tracking inventory. He explains how BTP bridges the gap between the platform and its application in a particular domain.
  • Johnston-Watt and Csilla Zsigri, VP of Strategy at BTP, discuss the role security plays in the energy sector and in blockchain. They explore the idea of secure by design rather than security being an add-on to a platform.
  • BTP discusses their motivations behind joining LF Energy and what role they believe they may play in the future.
  • We are facing a number of climate change challenges, needing to improve the entire carbon credits and carbon offsets market and create a way of auditing all of these credits. Johnston-Watt discusses the role LF Energy is playing in bringing people together to tackle these challenges.

Connect with Duncan Johnston-Watt (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Connect with Csilla Zsigri (LinkedIn, Twitter)

The summary of the show is written by Emily Nicholls.

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