BUDDI.AI has announced its emergence from stealth mode and the launch of its web presence. The site provides information on BUDDI.AI’s suite of transformative health solutions including medical coding automation, medical billing automation, prior authorization automation and more.

BUDDI.AI was founded in 2013 by data science and healthcare industry veterans with over 120 cumulative years of experience in machine learning and natural language processing.

The company has “spent the last seven years quietly partnering with the largest RCM vendors in the industry” to bolster its deep learning platform.

According to Ram Swaminathan, Co-Founder of BUDDI.AI, the website will help visitors understand “how BUDDI.AI is leveraging AI, deep learning, and automation to drive waste and inefficiency out of the healthcare revenue cycle.”

BUDDI.AI is claimed to be the most efficient and accurate automation platform on the market, trained on over 40 million medical records across all medical specialties.

Swaminathan added that the company is releasing its commercial solutions to market with contractual guarantees for ROI and coding accuracy.

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