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Build Modern Data Stack In Hours With Meltano 2.0 | Douwe Maan


Meltano emerged from GitLab as an ELT (extract, load and transform) platform which has evolved into a full-blown DataOps platform infrastructure. The company has announced version 2.0 of the platform which comes with a load of new features. Meltano also raised an additional $8.2 million in funding, bringing total funding in the company to $12.4 million.

“Up to this point, we’ve been focused mostly on bringing these software development best practices to the first step in the data life cycle – extract, load, and transform,” says Douwe Maan, Founder and CEO, Meltano. “With 2.0, we are bringing these same DataOps operating system qualities to capabilities in the data life cycle beyond ENL, thereby allowing people to go from having nothing to having a full, modern data stack up and running on their local machine in a matter of hours, not days.”

Version 2.0 also allows DataOps teams to verify the impact of all of their changes locally, without risking putting your production environment into a broken state.

Check out the discussion around the new release and new funding round in the video above.

Here are some highlights from the show:

  • A quick introduction to Meltano
  • New features of 2.0 release
  • What role is Meltano playing in the modern cloud-centric world
  • What kind of adoption is there for Meltano
  • Areas of investment with additional $8.2 million in seed funding
  • Why is Meltano moving away from GitLab to GitHub


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Meltano Releases Version 2.0, Raises $8.2 Million In Funding

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