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Buoyant Adds New Automated Failover Functionality For Multi-Cluster Kubernetes Deployments


Buoyant, creator of the open source Linkerd service mesh and of the Buoyant Cloud managed Linkerd service, has announced the release of the new automated failover functionality for multi-cluster Kubernetes deployments.

This new feature, introduced as a Kubernetes operator in recent Linkerd releases, automatically redirects application traffic to alternate Kubernetes clusters in the event of failures or outages in the original cluster. This capability allows applications built on Kubernetes to maintain system availability to customers even in the event of application outages, a critical part of disaster recovery (DR) and high availability (HA) scenarios.

Building on the existing reliability, observability, and security features of the service mesh, Linkerd’s new failover capabilities provide a flexible framework with which Kubernetes adopters can address a variety of situations. For service- and cluster-related failures, IT teams have the ability to automatically reroute traffic to a replica of a service in another cluster, reroute cross-cluster traffic to a different cluster, automate the service failover within a single cluster, and more.

Linkerd is the only graduated service mesh of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

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