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Business Value Of Voice & Artificial Intelligence | Jared Hauser


At the VOICE Summit 2019 (organized by Modev), Jared Hauser, Marketing Director at Valence talks about the importance of voices-interface for enterprise customers. Voice isn’t an add-on, it’s going to be a critical piece of interface for enterprises that adds business value to their applications

Topics we discussed
00:00:22 What does Valence do?
00:01:12 Voice in enterprise
00:01:23 Demand for voice in the enterprise is coming from consumer
00:02:41 What value does voice bring to enterprises?
00:05:07 Where voice makes more sense in the enterprise landscape
00:09:15 Voice is not a silver bullet, we need different interfaces
00:10:48 Experience at VOICE Summit 2019
00:11:43 Trends that you see in the voice space.
00:14:41 Mission-critical and sensitives

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