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Canonical’s Anbox Cloud Appliance Now Available On AWS Marketplace


Canonical has announced the launch of its Anbox Cloud Appliance on the AWS Marketplace, which simplifies the installation and deployment process and also allows billing directly handled through AWS.

Anbox Cloud containerises workloads using Android as a guest operating system enabling enterprises to distribute applications from the cloud. Anbox Cloud allows enterprises and service providers to deliver mobile applications at scale, more securely and independently of a device’s capabilities. Use cases for Anbox Cloud include cloud gaming, enterprise workplace applications, software testing, and mobile device virtualisation.

According to Ubuntu’s documentation, x86 and Arm instances are supported and users should factor in the follow aspects while they are going to deploy the Anbox Cloud Appliance: GPUs are currently available for x86 and Nvidia GPUs will only become available for Arm instances later in 2021, and that not all Android applications support the x86 ABI and therefore can only run on Arm

Once users have decided for an instance architecture, they can find the right marketplace page: Anbox Cloud Appliance for x86/Anbox Cloud Appliance for Arm.

After subscribing to the marketplace product, developers can next go and create an instance using the AMI and the AWS EC2 wizard.

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