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Cerbos Cloud Helps Streamline Management Of Authorization Policies


Cerbos, the adaptive authorization software company, has announced a new managed service offering for Cerbos. Cerbos Cloud simplifies the process of managing authorization policies, testing changes and distributing updates in real-time. It is a scalable solution for developers who want to save time, streamline their workflows and confidently roll out authorization updates, letting them focus on delivering great products and improving the end-user experience.

Cerbos is an open source authorization layer to easily implement roles and permissions in software applications. It separates authorization logic from the core application code, making the authorization layers more scalable, more secure and easier to change as the complexity grows. Cerbos Cloud streamlines the implementation and management of authorization policies.

Cerbos Cloud offers a range of powerful features that simplify authorization management for developers:

  • The fully managed cloud handles the nitty-gritty of policy management and coordinates with the Cerbos instances running inside the environment, without external dependencies, ensuring that the developer stays in control while maintaining low-latency authorization checks.
  • The managed CI pipeline makes policy testing and distribution easy while policies remain in the developer’s GitHub repo which they can control and manage access to.
  • The Cerbos Lite bundles, powered by WebAssembly, enable authorization for both on-device and at edge locations using the same set policies as the authorization service deployments.

In March 2023, Cerbos closed a $7.5 million extended seed round led by OMERS Ventures. The total funding raised to date is $11 million; the initial seed round was $3.5 million in 2021 led by Crane. Cerbos plans to use the new funding to advance its offerings.

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