Chronosphere’s Query Builder Helps Users Quickly Chart Prometheus Data In PromQL


Chronosphere has announced Query Builder, a way to quickly and simply chart Prometheus data with Prometheus Query Language (PromQL). This capability is available to all Chronosphere customers.

Prometheus is the open source standard for metrics monitoring. The standard for Prometheus real-time querying and aggregation is PromQL but it is a challenging query language for engineers to fully understand and utilize. PromQL has specific query structures and syntaxes that users must learn and follow. Additionally, users have to incorporate variables unique to their organization such as metric name and dynamic filters based on label values.

With so many possible metric types and variations to choose from, learning PromQL has become a burden for many engineers. Query Builder helps alleviate this burden, enabling engineers to spend less time crafting and troubleshooting their PromQL queries and more time on driving high-value work for their teams.

Co-founder of Prometheus and creator of PromQL Julius Volz collaborated closely with Chronosphere on the new capability and said: “Chronosphere is dedicated to further enabling Prometheus users, which is why I decided to partner with them on Query Builder. This enhancement allows users to more effectively build queries for dashboards and alerting rules, taking the frustration out of learning and working with PromQL.”

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