The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has announced the launch of CIA Labs to attract and retain top tech talent for tomorrow’s intelligence challenges.

The federal laboratory and in-house R&D arm brings CIA officers together with the private sector and academia to research and develop science and technology solutions in support of the agency’s mission.

Through this work, CIA officers will have to access to leading researchers and unique facilities as well as exposure to stimulating national security challenges.

CIA Labs joins the community of more than 300 U.S. federal labs and establishes CIA as a research partner for other labs, academia, and industry in a host of disciplines. These include artificial intelligence, biotechnology, quantum computing, advanced materials and manufacturing.

The federal lab mechanism also enables officers to obtain patents and licenses for intellectual property they develop while working at the Agency and provides internship and externship opportunities.

Further, CIA Labs is seeking collaboration with other federal labs and academia and is interested in outreach from such partners.

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