It’s now easier to build, test, and deploy your Salesforce apps with CircleCI! CircleCI has announced integrations with Salesforce: the Salesforce SFDX CLI orb and the new Salesforce SFDX Apex orb.

These integrations are said to bundle CircleCI configuration into reusable packages – to make it easier for developers to build, test, and deploy Salesforce apps.

For the uninitiated, an orb is a set of pre-configured connectors made available by CircleCI for its CI/CD platform. The company is said to have created more than 1,600 CircleCI orbs.

The new Salesforce Apex orb allows Apex developers to expedite their build and test processes with CI/CD. Before, developers would spend hours learning the required commands and syntax to configure, build, and deploy correctly. According to the company, the CircleCI Salesforce Apex orb allows them to achieve the same functionality much more efficiently.

The new Salesforce Apex orb also helps automatically deploy changes to a production application, run unit tests against the application and display results in the Salesforce UI. It is also said to help developers build VCS applications on commit and deploy the changes to a scratch organization.

As Wade Wegner, SVP of Product Management at Salesforce, puts it, “The latest integrations with CircleCI will further provide our developer community with CI/CD tools to establish and automate their development processes.”

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