Clear Ventures Brings Clear Edge To Research-Backed AI Startups


Clear Ventures recently announced a new investment initiative called Clear Edge, to fund and support AI startups emerging from academic research institutions.

Clear Edge creates a new channel and structure for research-based founders wanting a streamlined way to productize and supercharge go-to-market plans for their IP. It also furthers Clear’s growth and expansion into AI + X, or AI applied to a specific industry or function, leveraging the breakthrough research now taking place at universities seen as crucibles of innovation.

Leading this new channel is Clear’s newest partner, Vijay Reddy, who brings to the company a successful track record of investing in startups that have emerged from academia. These include SambaNova Systems, Matroid and Landing AI, all founded by faculty from Stanford University; Lilt and Opaque, originating from UC Berkeley, Katana Graph, started at UT Austin; and others from MIT, UCLA and University of Michigan.

The Clear Edge approach for researchers focuses on three focal points:

  • Innovators: AI researchers at leading institutions
  • Validators: practitioners in the industry with vertical domain expertise
  • Implementers: leaders building teams to execute the vision
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