Cloud 66 Announces Integration Partnership With Maxihost


Cloud 66 has entered into an integration partnership with Maxihost, a global bare metal cloud provider built for developers, to allow developers to easily deploy applications to bare metal.

With the new Brazilian General Data Protection (LGDP) act, a vibrant Ruby on Rails community, and Cloud 66’s growing customer base in South America, Maxihost is a no brainer.

“We love how Maxihost takes a different approach to infrastructure by combining the power of bare metal with the automation capabilities of the cloud. Together with Cloud 66 simplicity, we empower developers and businesses by making the internet faster. Additionally, we are proud to be able to call Maxihost a Cloud 66 customer and a partner in the Cloud 66 community,” Cloud 66 said in a blog post.

With Maxihost, developers can easily scale configuration to meet their demands, make changes in just seconds, and adjust the infrastructure to meet their business needs.