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Cloud Connectivity Should Be Like Electricity, Always Available | Marco Palladino


“In our houses, when we connect an appliance to the outlet, electricity is always there, always working, always reliable, it’s on-demand. Likewise, in the cloud, our connectivity must also be like electricity, always available, always reliable on-demand,” said Palladino.

In this episode of Let’s Talk, we sat down with Marco Palladino, CTO / Co-Founder of Kong Inc., to talk about cloud connectivity. But what exactly is cloud connectivity and what is its significance in the modern infrastructure? We then talked about the emergence of edge computing, whether it be end devices or edge data centers, and how Kong sees these new use cases driving the adoption of cloud-native technologies. His expectations from cloud connectivity are similar to electricity — you plug in the appliance, flip the switch, and boom; it’s on. But that’s not the reality! So what kind of problems IT teams run into when they look at cloud connectivity? Kong recently also announced the general availability of Kong Konnect. We talked about the announcement, what it means for Kong, the user community and the entire cloud-native ecosystem.

Guest: Marco Palladino (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Featured Company: Kong Inc.
Show: Let’s Talk
Topics: Cloud Native

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