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CloudCasa Aims To Protect Users’ Data Sets As They Adopt New Technologies


Guest: Sathya Sankaran (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: CloudCasa by Catalogic (Twitter)
Show: To The Point
Keywords: Kubernetes, Data Protection

Catalogic Software sees its long-term vision of CloudCasa as an essential service provider, protecting data sets and following where they are going. Whereas in the past Hadoop may have been used to store data sets, Kubernetes is now becoming the ecosystem of choice. The company is keen to move with organizations adopting new technologies such as Kubernetes as it becomes the default cloud operating system. Sathya Sankaran, Chief Operating Officer at CloudCasa by Catalogic, explains that Catalogic has built many backup products in the past but the company changed the delivery model with CloudCasa as it is a service-oriented product. Sankaran explains in further detail what the long-term vision is for CloudCasa in this video.

About Sathya Sankaran: Sathya is the founder and General Manager of the CloudCasa business within Catalogic Software where he provides operational and strategic oversight across R&D, marketing, sales and partner alliances. Sathya was an early enthusiast of the potential for containers and cloud technologies to transform how we innovate and deliver solutions to businesses. He is responsible for Catalogic’s strategic pivot to focus on addressing Day 2 challenges in Kubernetes and cloud native ecosystems, including data protection, cyber-resilience and cloud mobility. As the COO of Catalogic Software, Sathya leads engineering, sales and alliance teams at Catalogic and was instrumental in the strategic sale of Catalogic Software’s copy data management portfolio to IBM Storage in 2021. Apart from work and a young family, Sathya is passionate about Cricket, F1, electric cars and world politics.

About CloudCasa by Catalogic: CloudCasa by Catalogic is a powerful, cyber-resilient, backup service for protecting Kubernetes workloads, cloud databases, and cloud-native applications, that is free to start using.

The summary of the show is written by Emily Nicholls.

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