Cloudera has announced new and upcoming enterprise data cloud services on Cloudera Data Platform (CDP). These include CDP Data Engineering; CDP Operational Database; and CDP Data Visualization.

The new services are analytic experiences designed specifically for data specialists. Unlike general purpose services that require add-ons for critical capabilities like workflow automation, the new services include these key capabilities to help data engineers, data analysts, and data scientists work smarter and faster.

CDP enterprise data cloud services are claimed to enable data specialists to navigate the storm of exponential data growth and siloed data analytics operating across multiple public and private clouds.

CDP Data Engineering is an Apache Spark service on Kubernetes and includes key productivity enhancing capabilities typically not available with basic data engineering services. It features visual GUI-based monitoring, troubleshooting and performance tuning for faster debugging and problem resolution.

CDP Operational Database is a high-performance NoSQL database service aimed at business critical operational applications. Highlights include schema support, auto-scaling, as well as multi-modal client access with NoSQL key-value.

CDP Data Visualization is claimed to simplify the curation of rich, visual dashboards, reports and charts to provide agile analytical insight in the language of business. It helps technical teams share analysis and machine learning models using drag and drop custom interactive applications.

While CDP Data Engineering is generally available on AWS, CDP Operational Database and CDP Data Visualization are in technical preview and should be generally available later this year.

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