Cloudera DataFlow For The Public Cloud Automates And Manages Cloud-Native Data Flows


Cloudera has announced the launch of Cloudera DataFlow for the Public Cloud, a cloud-native service for data flows to process hybrid streaming workloads on the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP).

The cloud-native service helps users automate complex data flow operations, boost the operational efficiency of streaming data flows with auto-scaling capabilities, and cut down on cloud costs by eliminating infrastructure sizing guesswork.

According to the company, Cloudera DataFlow for the Public Cloud is a powerful cloud-native service for NiFi on Kubernetes and includes key operational and monitoring capabilities that address these challenges easily and aren’t typically available with basic data flow services.

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These include Central Flow Catalog for manageability, discovery, and version control; Central dashboard for monitoring, troubleshooting and performance tuning of data flows across multiple cloud clusters; Simple deployment wizard and robust APIs for auto-scaling flows on Kubernetes managed by CDP; and Pre-built flows called “ReadyFlows” for some of the common streaming use cases.

Cloudera DataFlow for the Public Cloud is now generally available on AWS.

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