Cloudflare Launches Cloud-Based NaaS Solution For Your Workforce


Now businesses can protect their workforce in a flexible and scalable way, without compromising security as distributed teams work from multiple devices and personal networks. Cloudflare has announced Cloudflare One, a cloud-based network-as-a-service solution for your workforce.

The unified solution allows teams to use an app without exposing it to the public Internet. It is claimed to make personal devices safe for business use and work in any environment with any cloud provider.

With Cloudflare One, Cloudflare Access checks for identity across every workload and Cloudflare Gateway keeps users, devices, and data safe on the Internet.

Further, Cloudflare’s remote browser isolation technology creates a gap between a user’s browser and endpoint, protecting devices and networks from exploits and attacks.

With Cloudflare’s firewall features, businesses get a comprehensive view of all data flows globally.

Cloudflare is claimed to secure and accelerate more than 25 million Internet properties using a global network that covers 200+ cities in more than 100 countries.

According to the company, Cloudflare One uses that same network scale to give businesses multiple on-ramps to the public Internet from offices, to data centers, to employees in-the-field, and connects traffic to Cloudflare’s comprehensive Zero Trust solution.