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0 has announced a new integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Control Tower. This new integration provides cost management features that complement AWS Control Tower and help streamline spend management for customers at scale.

Now with this integration, when users create a new AWS account through, the account will automatically be enrolled with AWS Control Tower which enables AWS Config and AWS CloudTrail.

AWS Config helps organizations detect changes, while AWS CloudTrail logging ensures organizations can trace back security incidents to determine impact. According to the company, this new capability to enroll accounts is particularly useful as allows account creation in AWS Regions that are not supported by AWS Control Tower, such as AWS GovCloud.

The integration with AWS Control Tower gives customers broader and simpler integration to enable single-sign-on for organizations with multiple payer/master billing accounts and those using multiple cloud providers.

Besides budget control via unique enforcement actions that can freeze spend and perform custom-automated actions, the integration helps customers with customizable financial reporting and forecasting.

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