The Linux Foundation has teamed up with CNCF to announce a new, free training course called “Introduction to Serverless on Kubernetes”, on the edX platform.

The course explains how to build serverless functions that can run on any cloud, without being restricted by limits on the execution duration, languages available, or the size of your code.

It also provides an overview of the CNCF serverless landscape, and first-hand experience in building and deploying code, directly to a Kubernetes cluster.

The course is designed for developers and IT operators interested in exploring new approaches for building software. If you prefer to be able to set your own limits when it comes to things like timeouts and choice of programming language, this is the course for you!

As part of the course, you will build functions using Python and learn how to configure them, manage secrets, add dependencies via pip, learn how to work with binary data, and add authentication.

In the second part of the course, you will explore the operational side of functions with Kubernetes. This will introduce auto-scaling, metrics, dashboards and how to expose them securely on the Internet with TLS.

Before enrolling, students should have an understanding of cloud and container technologies – including Kubernetes – as well as experience with Python.

Also, the free Introduction to Cloud Infrastructure Technologies and Introduction to Kubernetes courses come in handy for those who do not already have this background.

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