AI/MLCloudDevelopersDevOpsNews Announces Exclusive Early Access To Metacloud

0, the operating system for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) built by data scientists, has announced the exclusive early release of the Metacloud, a new managed service enabling AI developers full flexibility, to run AI/ML workloads on a mix of infrastructure and hardware choices, even within the same AI/ML workflow or pipeline. Available platform integrations include Intel, AWS, Azure, GCP, Dell, Redhat, VMWare, Seagate and more.

With the early release of Metacloud, AI developers now have the full flexibility and choice to run any AI architecture for any AI workload on demand. Together with the end to end operating system for machine learning, AI developers can now manage data, develop, train, and deploy models on any infrastructure instantly. Metacloud introduces a new flexible interface for running AI workloads instantly: BYOC (Bring Your Own Compute) and BYOS (Bring your Own Storage) by delivering a developer friendly portal to set-up and launch AI/ML workflows using any hardware or storage service available from a partner menu. Metacloud works with any AI infrastructure provider as it is designed by cloud native technologies such as containers and Kubernetes.

The Metacloud is provided as part of, a Kubernetes-based full stack machine learning operating system that includes everything data scientists and developers need to build and deploy AI applications. Metacloud preview is now available for early access upon request.

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