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CockroachDB On Kubernetes Now Generally Available

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Cockroach Labs has announced the general availability of CockroachDB on Kubernetes, providing users with a custom, open-source Kubernetes Operator. CockroachDB was architected and built from the ground up for deployment in distributed environments and is a natural fit for Kubernetes.

With the addition of the Operator, key functionality for deployment, management, and maintenance of the database is now automated. According to the company, this release makes it easy and effective for teams at any skill level to run a relational database on Kubernetes.

CockroachDB on Kubernetes lets teams scale your database effortlessly: Each instance of CockroachDB is the same, allowing users to spin up new instances without manual work. There is no need to create additional, complex functions to manage shards.

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Also, CockroachDB replicates data and automates placement across pods so users can survive any failure and avoid downtime without any impact to production applications.

As part of the release, Cockroach Labs collaborated with Red Hat to certify the Operator for Red Hat OpenShift.

Developers can download CockroachDB and get the Kubernetes Operator as an open source offering on GitHub. Also, developers using OpenShift can go to the Red Hat Marketplace to get CockroachDB and view details about the Red Hat Certified OpenShift Operator.

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