CodeSee Enterprise Helps Developers Create A Google Maps-Like Experience For Code Workflow


CodeSee, the code visibility platform that detects, visualizes, and automates code for a maintainable, resilient codebase, has launched CodeSee Enterprise, which allows developers to create a Google Maps-like experience for their code workflow. CodeSee breaks open the codebase black box and lets developers map their code and services throughout the code lifecycle from discovery and planning, to development and code review, through to production and into the future with code automation.

The CodeSee platform helps developers around the globe visualize, detect, and automate code for better onboarding, code reviews, code quality, and compliance. With this announcement, CodeSee is now bringing this visibility to the enterprise – creating a Google Maps-like experience to the code workflow.

The CodeSee platform introduces a new way to visualize services throughout the organization, the connections between them, their APIs, as well as any 3rd party APIs being used — and link each element to the underlying code. With CodeSee, every connection between services is automatically detected, visualized, and linked to the code, so developers can confidently make changes across services.

Companies can add CodeSee’s new Code Automation features to codify and automate the code knowledge that is typically passed around verbally from developer to developer, or maintained in stale documentation. Development teams depend on this knowledge to follow existing patterns, avoid gotchas, be aware of sensitive parts of the codebase, or kick-off compliance processes when needed.

CodeSee now has an additional suite of governance features for both the business and enterprise tiers including allowing teams to Enforced SSO organization-wide, disabling public maps, allowing only users with approved domains to join, ensuring that both developers and IT teams are experiencing the value of CodeSee.

For larger organizations, CodeSee has made an on-prem option available to ensure the largest organizations can take part of the code visibility movement.

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