Companies Will Start Fighting Cloud Lock-In | Sergey Kandaurov


Guest: Sergey Kandaurov (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Companies: Flexify.IO (Twitter)
Show: 2022 Prediction Series

With organizations migrating more of their data to the cloud, they may find themselves locked in with a single vendor or solution. Sergey Kandaurov, founder and CTO of Flexify.IO, joins us on our 2022 Prediction Series to talk about the trap of cloud lock-in. He predicts: “This problem will get much more recognition and companies will realize that cloud lock-in is evil and will start fighting it at all costs.” He also says that the industry will see the data explosion, not anything like it has seen so far. “And companies will benefit not only from storing this data, they’ll benefit from analyzing those large amounts of data. And of course, it will create more demand for cloud storage and for analytical tools,” Kandaurov adds. Check out his video above to know more.

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