Container Adoption shoots up among Enterprises in 2019: Survey


Majority of IT professionals now run container technologies, with 90 percent of those running in production and 7 in 10 running at least 40 percent of their application portfolio in containers — an impressive increase from two years ago, when just 67 percent of teams were running container technologies in production. According to the joint 2019 Annual Container Adoption Survey released by Portworx and Aqua Security, enterprises have started making bigger investments in containers.

In 2019, nearly one in five organizations is found to be spending over $1 million annually on containers (17%) as compared to just four percent in 2016.

The report features insights from over 500 IT professionals across a variety of industries and company sizes. In order to get a snapshot of the container market landscape today and its evolution over time, the survey focused around the state of container usage, tooling, environments and barriers to adoption.

Talking about their top challenges to container adoption, respondents most frequently cited security (51%), data management (40%) and cross-cloud/multiple cloud support (36%).

Portworx has also launched Portworx Enterprise 2.2. The latest version is said to address these security, data and multi-cloud challenges and give enterprises more control over their mission-critical data.

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