CrateDB is the ideal database for IoT solutions


Database management can be a big challenge for IoT vendors. CrateBD solves that problem elegantly.

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IoT is one of the pillars of the ongoing fourth industrial revolution. As the adoption of Industrial IoT devices is exploding, companies offering IoT solutions are facing unique challenges.

IoT devices create a massive amount of machine data. Fire hoses of various sources and types of data are moving at a very high speed from a highly concurrent channel. It’s very complex data; not just a temperature reading. It’s actually a topology of a sensor that is in a JSON document that you need to store and then you have to access this in real-time.

The traditional approach would be to use a relational database and NoSQL database to solve that issue because you need to query data in SQL and then scale out event tables on NoSQL. But that means you have to run at least two or maybe three different databases. It increases complexity and cost – both in terms of technology solutions and developers who know both databases. solved that problem by creating an entirely open source database called CrateDB that removes this complexity. Customers can store all of their data in one database and query it in standard SQL. It’s a hybrid solution that can run on cloud, on-prem and even edge devices. In this interview, Christian Lutz, the founder and CEO of talks about those challenges and how CrateDB solves problems for IoT vendors.

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