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Cribl Simplifies Observability Streaming With LogStream 3.0 And Cloud


Cribl has announced Cribl LogStream 3.0, the latest version of the company’s solution for making multi-system observability a reality for any organization. The company is also announcing the general availability of LogStream Cloud, the software-as-a-service consumption option first announced at the end of last year.

LogStream is a next-gen log router that collects and optimizes data streams from existing installed and known agent(s), then shapes and routes data to analytics systems in real-time while maintaining high-fidelity data in low-cost storage.

In this release, Cribl introduces LogStream Packs, a powerful framework for rapidly accelerating deployments, and formally releases LogStream Cloud, a SaaS-based deployment model for LogStream.

LogStream Packs framework allows organizations and communities of data engineers to scale their expertise by building and sharing LogStream configuration models that can be rapidly deployed without the need to reconfigure common use cases.

“With the launch of LogStream 3.0 and Cloud, customers can get value in minutes and then share all their hard-won knowledge easily with the broader Cribl community,” said Clint Sharp, co-founder & CEO of Cribl.

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