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CrowdStrike’s Humio Reaches Over One-Petabyte Benchmark Of Data Ingestion Per Day


Humio, a CrowdStrike company and the log management platform enabling complete observability for all streaming logs in real time and at scale, sets the standard for data ingestion by reaching a benchmark of over one petabyte of data ingestion per day. At this rate of data intake, Humio gives DevOps, ITOps and SecOps teams the ability to get insights from their IT infrastructure through real-time visibility of their log data at massive scale.

In 2019, Humio was the first log management solution to reach a benchmark of 100TB per day of data. That test used 25 nodes with 64 cores each, running 2.1 million events per second.

Recently, the Humio engineering team completed a one petabyte benchmark on 45 nodes with 96 cores each, running 30 million events per second and delivering search results with sub-second latency through Humio’s index-free architecture. This is a 10x increase in data ingestion running on just 2.7x of the processing nodes.

Humio’s total cost of ownership is based on the ability to remove the limitations present in legacy logging solutions, bringing unlimited ingest, reduced infrastructure costs, and lower operational costs.

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