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Dan Garfield Named Chief Open Source Officer Of Codefresh


Codefresh has promoted Dan Garfield, who joined founder and CEO Raziel Tabib to launch Codefresh in 2016, to Chief Open Source Officer. Garfield previously led evangelism, community and marketing as Codefresh’s VP of Marketing and Chief Technology Evangelist.

In his new role, Garfield will lead the realignment of Codefresh as an open source company, with engineering time dedicated to open source contributions and providing enterprise solutions on top of open source projects for their customers.

While Codefresh is no stranger to open source, acting in the past as core-contributors to Helm and other projects like cloud native application bundles (CNAB), they are now reshaping their company strategy on heavy involvement in the open source community.

“As Chief Open Source Officer, Dan can focus his seemingly endless energy and expertise on the engineering, partnerships, and tools that make software development and delivery consistent, efficient, and easy to use for engineering and operations teams,” Tabib said.

In November, Codefresh became a founding member of the GitOps working group with Amazon, GitHub, Microsoft, and Weaveworks as an open-source project under the CNCF. They also announced GitOps 2.0 that defines observability in software delivery as the key to delivering software faster.

“Being more active with our open source contributions and taking part in the community is critical,” Garfield said. “We believe we can go farther by building our platform in a more collaborative manner. My focus as Chief Open Source Officer will be open sourcing more code, improving our platform, and bringing more contributions to existing projects in the GitOps and Continuous Delivery space.”

Garfield will serve as interim VP of Marketing while the company actively searches for someone to take over the role.

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