Darktrace Version 5 Offers Autonomous Response For SaaS


Cyber AI company Darktrace has announced Version 5 of its autonomous, self-learning Darktrace Immune System for general availability.

Powered by self-learning Cyber AI, the Darktrace Immune System works by learning the normal ‘pattern of life’ of an organization, and can interrupt in-progress attacks across today’s digital infrastructure, including the cloud, email, and home office environments.

Version 5 of the Darktrace Immune System represents a fundamental upgrade for Darktrace customers. It includes autonomous response for Software as a Service (SaaS) tools. Moreover, Darktrace Antigena can take real-time action to stop in-progress attacks to cloud and SaaS tools, including Microsoft 365 and Zoom.

Cyber AI Analyst delivers automated investigations across cloud, SaaS and ICS environments, and can be triggered by humans, or third-party security tools.

The latest version includes SaaS threat visualization; intuitive visualization console for oversight of SaaS-based threats; 100% protection of dynamic workforce; and new client sensors.

Darktrace’s flexible delivery options include 100% cloud-hosted deployments, with AWS Marketplace.