Data on Kubernetes Community Announces Founding Sponsors


The Data on Kubernetes Community (DoKC) has announced founding sponsors and a governance structure to accelerate the emergence and development of techniques for the use of Kubernetes for data, including the appointment of a director. Founding Platinum sponsors include DataStax, EDB, MayaData, and Portworx by Pure Storage.

According to a forthcoming Data on Kubernetes Community survey, 70% of organizations are running stateful workloads on Kubernetes but interoperability and quality of Kubernetes operators remain top challenges. The success that early users of Kubernetes for data have seen combined with an interest in sharing useful patterns and practices has led to the rapid growth of the DoKC, an openly governed community of practitioners who share techniques for the use of Kubernetes for data. The addition of sponsors enables the DoKC to invest in building the community, ecosystem, and tools for practitioners to learn about running data on Kubernetes.

In addition to Platinum sponsors, the Data on Kubernetes Community is supported by Gold sponsors Percona and Red Hat, and Silver sponsors Airbyte, Altinity, anynines, Civo, Cockroach Labs, DigitalOcean, Fullstaq, ionir, Kasten, KubeSphere, observIQ, Okteto, OnGres, Red Kubes, Stark & Wayne, StorageOS, and TerminusDB. Learn more about DoKC sponsors.

Today, the DoKC hosts more than 4,000 individual members across its Slack and LinkedIn channels, and has held close to 100 meetups ranging from how Adobe operates stateful applications on Kubernetes across multiple data centers and regions to practical questions such as how to deploy production-ready Postgres to Kubernetes.

It recently announced the schedule for the second DoK Day at KubeCon North America 2021 including talks from enterprises including, Flipkart, Macquarie Bank, Sourcegraph, Zalando, and others.

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