Databricks Lakehouse Platform Launched On Google Cloud

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Google Cloud and Databricks have joined hands to deliver Databricks at global scale on Google Cloud. Under the partnership, organizations can now use Databricks to create a lakehouse capable of data engineering, data science, machine learning, and analytics on Google Cloud’s global, scalable, and elastic network.

Databricks on Google Cloud will deeply integrate with Google BigQuery’s open platform and will leverage Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), enabling customers to deploy Databricks in a fully containerized cloud environment for the first time.

With this integration, businesses can extend their existing Databricks lakehouse capabilities, now running on Google Cloud, and can cross-leverage Google BigQuery for analytics, thus simplifying their data investments, increasing usage, and creating new, data-driven business models and opportunities.

Databricks on Google Cloud represents the first container-based deployments of Databricks, on any cloud.

Under this new partnership, the two companies will continue to support the open source community, encourage open innovation and collaboration, making it easier for joint customers to build on open-source technologies.

Additionally, members of the joint ecosystem of partners have committed to ensure integrations and expertise with Databricks on Google Cloud, including Accenture, Cognizant, Collibra, Confluent, Deloitte, Fishtown Analytics, Fivetran, Immuta, Informatica, Infoworks, Insight, MongoDB, Privacera, Qlik, SoftServe, Slalom, Tableau, TCS and Trifacta among others.