Datadobi Receives SOC 2 Type I Recognition By KPMG


Datadobi has completed certification by KPMG in accordance with Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type I requirements for DobiMigrate’s operations, support, and engineering processes. The certification signifies that during the accreditation process, the DobiMigrate product and processes successfully demonstrated the highest standards for integrity, security, and confidentiality of customer data.

The SOC 2 Type I report by KPMG solidifies Datadobi’s commitment to data integrity, data security, and fast and successful migrations. The SOC 2 Type I report provides an in depth look at the management methodology Datadobi incorporates into the data migration process including:

Providing Accurate Training and Support to Partners and Customers

Datadobi provides proper training to customers and partners to execute migrations in complex multi-vendor environments. Datadobi offers support to set up projects and plan the cutovers in every step of the migration from how to execute pre-cutover testing, dry runs, the cutover, and verifying that the migration is successful. Post-migration, the DobiMigrate also provides a chain of custody report. During the process, customers have access to an extensive knowledge base of storage interoperability solutions and migration best practices.

Accurate Change Management

A defensive engineering methodology is baked into the DobiMigrate development process. All code is deployed by following a four eyes principle. All code changes are reviewed and go through extensive automated testing before they are included in a release. There is an agile release methodology, so that the software can be quickly adapted to customer-specific needs or interoperability challenges.

Independent Quality Assurance (QA) function

An independent QA function is established for every data migration project to verify the highest quality product. If a bug is discovered in a DobiMigrate customer deployment, the problem is investigated, and a software patch release is provided to address the issue. Finally, a root cause analysis (RCSA) is done to understand why the bug occurred and if any process, test, or architectural change needs to be carried out.

Risk Assessment Process & Proper Account Management

DobiMigrate is built to protect customer data. Using a risk-control matrix, Datadobi deploys a conceptual framework to evaluate risks and controls and to regularly review the matrix by Datadobi management and Datadobi Product Management.

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