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Datafold, Hightouch Announce An Integration To Make Activated Data More Reliable


Datafold, a data reliability company, and Hightouch, a data activation provider, have announced an integration to quickly provide data engineers with visibility into how dbt model changes impact activated data.

Hightouch helps companies automate the integration of data from data warehouses to operational systems such as CRMs, ERPs, advertising tooling, or custom applications. For example, Hightouch allows marketers to segment users based on their activity within a trial and then connect that data to an email tool to send custom messages to encourage further exploration of the product.

The integration with Datafold ensures that whenever an upstream data model is modified within a schema or pipeline, the data engineer will be alerted to the impact to any Hightouch sync.

This prevents every update from inadvertently breaking the sync or changing the data within a sync in an unexpected way. Companies are building important automations with Hightouch, and Datafold makes this activated data even more reliable.

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