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DevOps Could Have A Revolutionary Impact On Digital Transformation Efforts: Survey


As the impact of COVID-19 on organizations continues to bite, developers are playing a key role in helping organizations meet their digital transformation goals despite facing significant challenges, according to the second of three pieces of research from Couchbase.

In the survey of 450 European and U.S. senior IT decision makers, 92 percent of respondents believed that DevOps could have a revolutionary impact on their digital transformation efforts, while 63 percent said that the flexibility to change their goals when needed has been significantly helpful or indispensable in meeting their digital transformation goals.

However, this flexibility has come at a cost: 49 percent of respondents reported their development teams have indicated they are being asked to do too much in too little time.

There are challenges for both organizations and developers; 86 percent of respondents experienced challenges with their development teams. These include setting clear, measurable goals for the development team (40 percent); ensuring development teams always have the right technology (40 percent); ensuring the development team clearly understands the organization’s strategic goals (31 percent); and identifying and solving the challenges facing development teams (31 percent).

While developers’ contributions are undeniable, these challenges may still be preventing them from reaching their full potential; 40 percent of respondents said their development teams were behind schedule with their current projects.

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