Diamanti Adds Support For Google Cloud Platform


Diamanti has announced support for the Diamanti Ultima data plane on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with Diamanti Spektra 3.2, empowering enterprises to modernize with Kubernetes.

Spektra 3.2 builds on Diamanti’s software platform to further simplify Kubernetes application and data management for both on-premises and in multi-cloud environments.

Spektra 3.2 is power-packed with features that include Ultima support on GCP, GA support for Cri-O, and other improvements that empower customers with a simpler, more efficient method to deploy Kubernetes on-premises and across public cloud providers like GCP, AWS and Microsoft Azure.

By adding support for GCP, Diamanti now enables users to create GCP-based Kubernetes clusters, deploy applications, and migrate applications to and from clusters hosted on GCP or anywhere else.

Users can also set up disaster recovery (DR) between two GCP clusters and between GCP and on-premises clusters to improve fault tolerance and eliminate single points of failure. Ultima also lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO) by avoiding or minimizing certain cloud provider charges for backup, data protection, disaster recovery, and multi-zone availability capabilities.

Free 21-day trials of Diamanti Spektra and Ultima are available on Diamanti’s new customer portal, Diamanti Central, which runs on GCP and provides access to tools, documentation, and customer support.