Diamanti Ultima: Full Stack Cloud Native Solution For Full Stack Cloud Native Problems


Diamanti is evolving into a software-focused company and recently announced a standalone software version of Diamanti Ultima as a Kubernetes data plane solution for on-premises and public cloud environments.

It’s a full data plane solution which is addressing both the storage and the networking needs of Cloud Native Infrastructure. There are low-level building blocks that users need to be able to run their applications using Kubernetes. They need storage volumes, virtual block devices, virtual network interfaces, etc. Diamanti’s data plane provides these actual and consumable resources through its software data plane. Diamanti Ultima can run in a variety of different locations, whether that’s in the Cloud or it’s in a bare-metal infrastructure in a customer-owned data center.

This announcement demonstrates Diamanti’s transformation from a hardware company to a software-focused company. “We started with the hardest thing, which is building our own hardware. Our focus was on hardware offload and acceleration technology. That has been the key to our success as a business and as a platform,” said Brian Waldon, VP of Product at Diamanti.

Waldon is fully aware that Kubernetes is a crowded and busy space. To differentiate itself from competitor Diamanti offers a fully baked holistic platform to address those Data Center Modernization and Digital Transformation needs which allows companies to simple move from Legacy Infrastructure and Legacy Architecture onto Cloud Native, specifically Containers, Kubernetes, microservices.

“Our platform is really a Full Stack solution to the full suite of problems that our customers are facing today,” said Waldon.

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