There was quite a storm in a teacup when Google created its own foundation to host its open-source projects like Istio. The New Stack called Kubernetes the last great open source project from Google. Some said the golden age of open source was coming to an end. The fact is before Kubernetes Google created Android and Chromium which are much more successful than Kubernetes and are being used by direct competitors like Amazon and Microsoft. None of these projects are part of any foundation. Android and Chromium were not the last open source at Google. And Google is not alone. Red Hat, Canonical, SUSE, Hashicorp…and many other companies maintain their own open-source projects. Some of these companies have created foundations to host their projects so they are independent of the company. There is nothing new about it. So what is the fuss all about? Does it really mean the end of open source? Does it mean Kubernetes is really the last open-source project by Google? Rob Hirschfeld, CEO of RackN, joined me to discuss that.

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