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Discussing Cloud-Native Security With William Morgan, CEO of Buoyant


“Security is one of those things where it’s like a chain if you have one weak link, it doesn’t matter how strong the other links are, the chain as a whole is weak,” said William Morgan, CEO of Buoyant. Morgan believes that security has to be in place for every aspect of a business to be successful. It’s like an airbag in a car or a parachute in a plane. When you need it, you wish you had one.

While advanced users who are experimenting with technologies like LinkerD are quite aware of Zero Trust and DevSecOps and are embracing these practices in their environments, there are still many other users who are still getting started with Kubernetes or still have legacy components and these users are still figuring out security.

In a nutshell, there is a huge opportunity for cloud-native security players to help these users with securing their applications and environments.

Buoyant is the creator of Linkerd, the world’s fastest and lightest open source service mesh for Kubernetes.

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Security Is Still an Afterthought in the Cloud-Native World

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