Diwo Transforms Decision-Making With Its New Decision Intelligence Platform


Diwo has announced the general availability of the Diwo Decision Intelligence (DI) Platform, which helps accelerate the path from data to decisions by providing business users with AI-powered, actionable recommendations in minutes rather than days.

In contrast to the typical BI approach, decision intelligence powered by Diwo enables a much more streamlined analytics process. Diwo works to discover hidden drivers of business change and keeps a pulse on key Key Performance Indicators (KPI)s without hours of manual analysis.

It delivers actionable recommendations directly to the decision-maker who simply reviews the recommendation to understand trade-offs and business impact, validates it, and then puts it into action. Adopting the Diwo DI Platform eliminates BI bottlenecks and drastically reduces the time and effort necessary to make strategic, tactical and operational decisions.

Four use cases are driving adoption of the Diwo DI Platform among large enterprise users: Logistics, Inventory Optimization, Customer Retention as well as Campaign Effectiveness.
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