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Don’t Be Afraid, Cloud Foundry Is Not Going Away: Craig McLuckie


Guest: Craig McLuckie (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Organization/Company: Cloud Foundry Foundation (CFF) (Twitter) | VMware (Twitter)
Show: Let’s Talk

Kubernetes Co-Founder and Vice President of R&D at VMware, Craig McLuckie, was recently named chairman of the Cloud Foundry Foundation (CFF). The Cloud Foundry project and community is going through a transformation as it’s aligning its position and place in the infrastructure due to emergence of Kubernetes. We invited McLuckie to talk about his own background with Cloud Foundry and what’s in store for the project, the foundation and the community as Cloud Foundry goes through its own evolution.

Here are some key points and topics we covered in this discussion:

  • McLuckie talks about his background and experience with Cloud Foundry.

“My participation in the Cloud Foundry Foundation and the reason I’m so excited about being able to be a member of the foundation and lead the board is that I think we have an incredible opportunity to bring these technologies together in an open way, to look at what Cloud Foundry does in terms of creating a very keen and simple path from a developer’s IDE into a running production environment, with a lot of determinism.”

  • There is quite a lot of investment in Cloud Foundry. Should those users panic and worry about these changes?

“If you are not a Kubernetes user and you’re not interested in Kubernetes, and it works well for you, you don’t have to be afraid. We will continue as a community to ensure that that experience continues, that you have a great opportunity to use the technology to solve those problems in the way that you’ve been solving them historically.”

  • What role is McLuckie going to play as a bridge between these two projects?

McLuckie has three things in mind that he is passionate about; one of them being “the health of the ecosystem and finding ways to not only maintain the existing set of individuals that are contributing to the technology, but to actually expand that group of individuals. Just reduce the barriers to entry, make it easy for someone to submit their first pull requests, and start to feel like they can contribute and own the technology.” Check out the other two in the video. 

  • Any concerns as we walk into 2022?

“First and foremost, don’t be afraid, this technology’s not going away. We are going to continue to invest in it. You have VMware’s commitment to that. You have SAP’s commitment to that. We will make sure that that technology continues to serve you well.”

  • How do you ensure that we meet the users wherever they are in their cloud journey, whether they are using Cloud Foundry or Kubernetes? What are the efforts that are going there to help users migrate from Cloud Foundry to Kuberntes or integrate the two technologies?

“The community is almost ready to declare a beta for a Cloud Foundry implementation on Kubernetes. I’m personally keen to walk the journey with those organizations that are looking to bring that Cloud Foundry experience into this Kubernetes ecosystem. And I think that’s going to be just a really positive and powerful set of capabilities that we will unlock for those end users momentarily. 

  • How can Cloud Foundry experience make Kubernetes experience better?

“I think what you’ll see is many of these opinionated, vertically integrated platforms that are tailor made for the Kubernetes substrate will emerge, of which Cloud Foundry is just a great example. And I’m certainly committed to making sure that, as organizations are making those decisions around what that abstraction is on top of Kubernetes, we have some really great options available to them.

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