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Dremio Launches Dart Initiative Fall 2021 Release


Dremio has announced its new Dart Initiative Fall 2021 release, pushing the boundary on what’s possible with cloud data lakehouses and delivering the best BI experience for its customers.

Dremio embarked on the Dart Initiative in June 2021 to help companies run a greater range of BI workloads directly on the data lake. The Summer 2021 Dremio Dart Initiative empowered companies to run an even broader set of enterprise SQL workloads on Dremio by vastly expanding SQL coverage to include additional functions, operators, and SQL grammar constructs. The Fall 2021 Dart Initiative release extends the SQL coverage introduced through the prior Dart release, with functions such as Pivot/Unpivot and filtered aggregates.

Risk analysis in insurance, maximizing revenue in travel and transportation, improving clinical trials in pharma, and enabling credit risk assessment in banking are among the many use cases that benefit from the expanded SQL coverage via this Dart release.

Aside from broadening the scope of SQL workloads, this Dart release also expands Dremio’s support for open-source table formats. Table formats, such as Apache Iceberg and Delta Lake, enable companies to perform inserts, updates, and deletes with transactional consistency, and time travel, directly on data lake storage.

With this release, companies can now run interactive BI workloads on both of the leading lakehouse table formats, Apache Iceberg and Delta Lake.

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