Dynam.AI Launches Vizlab To Help ML Data Scientists Deploy AI Engines At Scale


Dynam.AI has announced the early commercial release of Vizlab, an AI/Machine Learning (ML) platform designed to address the complex needs of enterprise data scientists and solve the key problems with AI/ML applications in the market today. This customizable, intuitive, end-to-end AI/ML development solution enables ML data scientists to design, build, improve and deploy AI engines at scale.

Vizlab empowers data scientists with necessary, in-demand tools to deploy explainable AI solutions with highly accurate analytic insights.

Vizlab was initially built as an internal tool by the Dynam.AI team as a platform to support Dynam’s consultative services, to automate and standardize AI pro-workflow and advance Dynam’s core AI capabilities for customers with complex business use cases. Customers without internal data science teams seek out Dynam’s end-to-end AI development services to learn more from their proprietary business and customer data to automate and improve processes and target more of their best customers.

Advertising optimization, predictive maintenance, process automation, real-time alerts, customer behavior tracking, critical infrastructure protection, anomaly detection and personalized medicine are several use cases in focus for Dynam customers in 2022.

Now, with the early commercial release of the Vizlab platform, Dynam can support a broader range of customer needs based on the level of service each customer seeks. Vizlab can support a multitude of business use cases, workflows, and industry sectors. Regardless of the use-case complexity, sector, size and skillset of the client data science team, Vizlab can support in-house data scientists in their efforts to create new and improved solutions.

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