Enhancing its support for Kubernetes, Dynatrace has announced that its Davis AI engine now ingests additional Kubernetes events and metrics, including state changes, workload changes and critical events across clusters, containers and runtimes.

This enables the Dynatrace explainable AI engine to deliver precise answers in real time about performance issues and anomalies across the full stack of Kubernetes clusters, containers and workloads, the company announced at the Perform 2020 conference. .

Dynatrace now also automatically discovers, instruments and maps heterogeneous container technologies within Kubernetes, simplifying IT’s journey to cloud-native environments.

With Dynatrace, organizations can now understand and optimize Kubernetes resource utilization, enabling administrators and application owners to identify and solve performance issues and improve business outcomes proactively.

The company also announced the next generation of its Infrastructure Monitoring module in its all-in-one Software Intelligence Platform at the Perform 2020 conference. With this upgrade, Dynatrace now automatically ingests data from new AWS and Azure services, Kubernetes-native events, Prometheus OpenMetrics and Spring Micrometer metrics.

The latest upgrades include enhanced AI, expanded out-of-the-box observability and the ability to create custom metrics from log events.

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