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Dynatrace Security Gates Bring Automation And Intelligence To DevSecOps


Dynatrace announced today its platform now includes security gates, enabling DevSecOps teams to automatically assess each new software release to ensure only secure code moves through the delivery pipeline. Just as Dynatrace quality gates have allowed development, DevOps, and SRE teams to ensure code meets their service-level objectives (SLOs), Dynatrace security gates, powered by the platform’s automatic and intelligent observability, now help these teams assure code is secure as it progresses from preproduction to production.

The Dynatrace platform enables teams to precisely identify vulnerabilities found in cloud-native workloads and applications across the SDLC, while also prioritizing these vulnerabilities based on the risk they pose to the business.

In addition, the AI and automation capabilities at the core of the platform help orchestrate application development processes at scale, including automating code tests and quality checks against an organization’s SLOs.

With this latest enhancement, customers can now leverage Dynatrace’s automation and intelligence, along with the extensive observability data that is already flowing through the platform, to automatically detect, assess, and manage vulnerabilities in real time, and with greater accuracy than traditional security tests that operate on static code.

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