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EdgeX Foundry’s Ireland Release Overhauls API Sets


EdgeX Foundry, a project under the LF Edge umbrella organization within the Linux Foundation, has announced its Ireland release. Focused on edge/IoT solutions, EdgeX Foundry’s second major release overhauls API sets, removes technical debt, provides more message-based communications, and simplifies and secures interface for adopters and developers, making the platform easier to use and more reliable.

Highlights include standardized and modernized northbound and southbound APIs which enrich ease of interoperability across the IoT framework; advanced security built into the APIs, message bus, and internal architecture of EdgeX; and new device services (southbound) and new app services (northbound) included in Ireland are also inherently secure (e.g., GPIO, CoAP, LLRP, UART).

Open Retail Reference Architecture (ORRA) is a new sub-project that provides a common deployment platform for edge-based solutions and IoT devices. ORRA is a collaboration with fellow LF Edge projects Open Horizon and Secure Device Onboard, incubated by EdgeX Foundry.

The new Edgex Ready program highlights users and organizations that have integrated their offerings with solutions leveraging EdgeX; a precursor to a community certification program.

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