ElectrifAi Expands ML Model Offerings For Amazon SageMaker


ElectrifAi has announced expanded offerings of pre-built and pre-structured ML models for Amazon SageMaker, including models available from the Computer Vision and Image Analytics collections.

Amazon SageMaker is a ML service from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that helps data scientists and developers to prepare, build, train and deploy high-quality ML models by bringing together a broad set of capabilities purpose-built for ML.

The new set of Computer Vision models can work on cameras, enabling new types of applications, and solving novel sets of challenges.

For instance, cameras mounted to drones can be used to track people, vehicles and animals, even as the camera and item of interest moves rapidly. Audio analytics capabilities can also be added to enrich the overall solution.

The Image Analytics models can detect, segment, and annotate medical anomalies with precision for Amazon SageMaker—allowing one to track the progress of a disease or the success or failure of a treatment protocol. The model can also identify a wide range of skin conditions almost instantly from a picture taken on a regular smartphone.