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Equinix Metal Helping Customers On Their Cloud-Native Journey


Zachary Smith, Managing Director – Equinix Metal, joined us to reflect on the successful first year of Packet acquisition by Equinix. Packet has been instrumental in the growth of Equinix across the globe. Equinix Metal has significantly advanced its global scale, features and ability to enable as a Service consumption of the full value of Platform Equinix. With these new and enhanced capabilities, Equinix Metal customers can consume interconnected infrastructure with the control of physical hardware and the low overhead and developer experience of the cloud, helping them move faster in today’s competitive environment. In this episode, we touched upon many topics, including:

  • How has been the first year since the acquisition?
  • Importance of partners like Dell EMC, Pure Storage and Cohesity.
  • Why did Equinix Metal embrace a neutral and open approach to the ecosystem?
  • What role is Bare Metal playing in the modern infrastructure?
  • Cloud Native is not about containers vs bare metal, it’s about *how* you do things.
  • What’s driving the growing interest in bare metal?
  • What are the advantages of Equinix Metal over cloud and other infrastructure providers?

About our guest: Zachary Smith co-founded Packet to empower technology-enabled enterprises with automated bare metal infrastructure no matter where it was, what it was or who owned it. Backed by SoftBank, Dell Technologies, Third Point and Battery Ventures, the business became the leader in bare metal compute automation and was acquired by Equinix in March 2020. Zac now serves as Managing Director at Equinix, leading the strategy, product and go-to market for Equinix’s bare metal compute and edge services platform.

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